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What is Conscious Leadership

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Conscious leadership is a transformative approach to leadership that goes beyond traditional models. It's where we bring together,  self-awareness, mindfulness, and our personal deep sense of purpose.


Its also about aspiring to lead with authenticity, empathy, and ethical decision-making, while fostering inclusivity and sustainability. Ultimately its about care, care of self, care of others and care of the planet.

Conscious leadership recognise the connections between our  personal growth, purpose and passions and the success of our organisations.


It a leadership movement that understands that our leaders need to not only be competent in their skills and knowledge but also attuned to their personal values, emotions, and impact on others.


Conscious leaders strive to create a work environment that promotes well-being, trust, and collaboration.

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I’m a professional with a unique blend of expertise in sustainability, finance, and transpersonal psychology.  With a passion for conscious leadership and driving positive change, I have established myself as a leader dedicated to creating a more sustainable and purpose-driven world. Helping to grow businesses and create value in a way that restores planetary health.

As CEO of Carbon Positive Australia I create change by empowering individuals and organisations to minimise environmental impact and create a sustainable, regenerative future. We plant trees to leave a lasting legacy for our planet .


My work with TreesSisters, a UK Charity that has now funded almost thirty million tropical trees, helped define for me that it is only through mindset change that we can truly transform the world around us. Who would have thought it possible for a small group of women to raise funds for that much tropical tree planting?  


I know that our personal values, when combined with a strong business strategy, can have a huge social and environmental impact. 


I want to ignite a conscious leadership revolution where we place passion and purpose as our true north.  Where as leaders in our communities and businesses we can be empowered to create a lasting legacy for us all. Together we can inspire innovative teams, develop a growth mindset, and put people and planetary care first.  


Louise-Marlena Tarrier

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